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Dr. John’s book contains wisdom and tools to help you discern accurate information from false information and protect your health.

The terms disinformation and misinformation are everywhere in the news today. The media reports increasing amounts of toxic journalism and false advertisement about health and medical science.

In Your Health is at Risk: How to Navigate Information Chaos to Prevent Lifestyle Disease, Dr. John Poothullil takes readers on an insightful journey to clarify the vast amount of disinformation, misinformation, and missing information (DMMI) about some of the most serious lifestyle diseases affecting Americans today: the pandemic coronavirus, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

Prepare yourself with the right tools and knowledge to have piece of mind. Buy the book today and take control of your health.

What people are saying​

This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about their health.

It offers truthful understanding about serious matters of health and merits our most sincere attention. We are currently overwhelmed with disinformation and misinformation from a variety of sources, so it is crucial that we establish the credibility of whatever we read, see, or hear. Failing to do so can harm us and those we love. This book is the best of its kind and will help you avoid mistakes that besiege healthcare regarding diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and pandemics.

– Dr. Venugopal Menon, Royal Society of Medicine.

Protecting Your Health, Seeking the Truth.

Health care is important, yet all around us, we are exposed to conflicting information. Everything from nutrition to illness prevention and everyday health maintenance- we often aren’t sure what to believe and tend to go with what we want to hear rather than what is really true. This book, Your Health is at Risk, is ready to help guide you toward the truth.

– Bryan Carey, verified purchase on Amazon.


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John Poothullill, MD, FRCP practiced medicine as a pediatrician and allergist for more than 30 years. He began his practice in 1974 and retired in 2008. He holds certifications from the American Board of Pediatrics, The American Board of Allergy & Immunology, and the Canadian Board of Pediatrics.


During his medical practice, John became interested in understanding the causes of and interconnections between hunger, satiation, and weight gain. His interest turned into a passion and a multi-decade personal study and research project that led him to read many medical journal articles, medical textbooks, and other scholarly works in biology, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, and cellular metabolic functions. This eventually guided Dr. Poothullil to investigate the theory of insulin resistance as it relates to diabetes. Recognizing that this theory was illogical, he spent a few years rethinking the biology behind high blood sugar and finally developed the fatty acid burn switch as the real cause of diabetes.

Dr. Poothullil has written articles on hunger and satiation, weight loss, diabetes, and the senses of taste and smell. His articles have been published in medical journals such as "Physiology and Behavior", "Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews", "Journal of Women’s Health", "Journal of Applied Research", "Nutrition", and "Nutritional Neuroscience". His work has been quoted in "Woman’s Day", "Fitness", "Red Book" and "Woman’s World".



Dr. Poothullil explains in this book that insulin resistance does not make biological sense. Instead, he shows how a normal body metabolism can go haywire when you overconsume grains, leading to high blood sugar and diabetes.

You will learn how to change your approach to food and eating – to ensure that you can prevent diabetes from happening to you.

Surviving Cancer will give you renewed hope and a clear program of dietary and cognitive/emotional changes that can help you defeat your cancer and return to health.

If you are the parent of a child with cancer, the questions and feelings you have can be overwhelming. In this insightful and thoughtful book, you will find information, hope, advice, and solace.