This is an excellent book, intelligently written with a lot of new scientific knowledge included. I am looking forward to reversing diabetes by using these techniques. Dr. Poothullil is very credible and gives a lot of great advice. I’m impressed and highly recommend this book.

SunshineAmazon Customer

Dr. Poothullil has opened my eyes to the true culprit of my type 2 diabetes. I have already begun to implement his solutions in my daily diet. 
Thank you for all of your efforts in bringing this disease into the light. I always thought I would be stuck with this “disease” for the rest of my life, Dr. Poothullil has given me fresh hope in changing that outlook.

DavidAmazon Customer

I have read many books on Type II Diabetes, which I have, but none have both persistently pointed to the cause–grains, sugar, too much of all of it–while gently showing how to change it. I stress eat and I love pasta, bread, toast, bagels, rice, especially at night. Somehow, Dr. Poothullil’s clear but also kind direction about why and how we get diabetes really helped me recommit to changing what I am eating. I also like the simplicity of it–avoid these foods (unfortunately, the ones you want), and eat other foods. Eat these new foods slowly and enjoy them. Enjoy being alive and watch your blood sugar numbers drop.

MollyAmazon Customer

This book explains Type II Diabetes in a clear and concise way. Before reading it I had started to make partial changes recommended by Dr. Poothullil. The results has been significantly lower HA1c, lipid panel numbers and blood pressure, as well weight loss (more than 13% of my starting weight). Also off 2 of 4 medications. I am looking forward to implementing further changes suggested in this book to fully restore my health. I hope doctors will read this book and take it seriously. I have suggested it to several doctors. Thank you Dr. Poothullil for making relieving my anxiety and providing answers

SharonAmazon Customer

“A provocative and illuminating hypothesis boldly challenging long-held beliefs on Type 2 diabetes and its current methods of control, in favor of what Poothullil finds to be a more logical scientific explanation for high blood sugar and the key step to reversing diabetes—avoiding grains.”

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