I’ve had diabetes for 25 years and have been on an insulin regiment for years. I’ve been doing what EAT CHEW LIVE says for the past month and I’ve already cut my insulin down to 1/3 of what I usually take and when I was on vacation for a week I was able to cut it out entirely. Thanks Dr. John Poothullil, you’re making a big difference in our lives.

Martha WolfType-2 Diabetic - Oregon

Through Dr. John Poothullil’s help and putting into practice EAT CHEW LIVE, I have lost over 100 pounds. It has given me hope there is another way to care for diabetes, think about food, and eat.

Randy JonhstonType-2 Diabetic - Oregon

Since reading EAT CHEW LIVE, I’ve cut my insulin intake in half. I would normally visit my doctor every three months, and now I don’t need to see him for another six. I used to check my blood sugar twice a day, and now I only check it once day. This book has made me a different person.

Jeanne FoxType-2 Diabetic - Oregon

EAT CHEW LIVE has changed my life. I was fascinated by Dr. John Poothullil’s theory that Type-2 diabetes is not caused by insulin resistance and I began implementing the practices from the book in my own life. In the first six months, my blood sugar went way down and I began to lose weight. I’m happy to recommend EAT CHEW LIVE because I know it will absolutely be a positive book in your life.

Rick BenzelType-2 Diabetic - California