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Eat, Chew, Live
Eat, Chew, Live

Eat Chew Live is for people who are concerned about their eating habits, are gaining weight, or who are worried about getting or who have diabetes. There is a growing segment of the world’s population who have high blood sugar or Type 2 diabetes.  These conditions are fast becoming the top health problems in the US.


If you have Type 2 diabetes, whether recently diagnosed or ongoing for years, this book will open your eyes to a new type of thinking about the real cause of your diabetes and the right cure that will reverse it. After reading this book, whatever you thought about diabetes will change. If you think that diabetes is your destiny because one or both of your parents had it, you will learn that what you have inherited is only a potential. If you think Type 2 diabetes cannot be “cured,” this book will show a completely different picture. The fact is, you can reverse high blood sugar and diabetes in as little as 8 weeks using the 8 steps in this book.

The Relief Of Being Free Of Diabetes

Think of the freedom you will feel by not having to carry food with you when you travel or arrange for special food to be available at your destination because you are taking diabetic medications. Think of not having to get up from sleep with perspiration, palpitations, and panic due to a hypoglycemic episode. Think of not being afraid of experiencing the mental cloudiness and confusion associated with low blood sugar that happens in a Type 2 diabetic on medications. Think of the joy you will experience to be able to eat when you are hungry rather than on a schedule, or to be able to skip a meal if you want without having to worry about the serious consequences of hypoglycemia.

Diabetes is at nearly pandemic levels, with 1 in 4 adults over 65 in the US being fully diabetic and 1 in 3 over age 20 being prediabetic. In Eat, Chew, Live, Dr. John Poothullil argues that it is time to reevaluate the accepted theory of insulin resistance as the cause of the disease since medical research still has yet to explain how it happens or why. In its place, he has discovered a far more logical scientific explanation for high blood sugar and diabetes.

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Dr. Poothullil demonstrates how the real cause turns out to be a very normal metabolism—theoccasional burning of fatty acids in muscles rather than glucose. This metabolism

 begins occurring regularly when people overeat carbohydrates and fill up their fat cells, causing fatty acids to flow freely in the bloodstream and be used as fuel for muscle cells. Called the “fatty acid burn switch,” it leaves glucose in the bloodstream, leading to high blood sugar and eventually to the diagnosis of diabetes.

“It is not logical that millions of modern adults and children around the world are suddenly becoming insulin resistant,” says Dr. Poothullil. “A more sensible explanation is my theory, that overeating and easy access to high carb diets such as rice, fast foods and prepackaged products made with grain flour creates this metabolic shift in favor of fatty acids as cellular fuel rather than glucose. This is the link between diabetes, weight gain, and obesity.”

With clear explanations and dozens of illustrations of the science involved, Eat, Chew, Live presents three additional revolutionary ideas that will help millions of people learn to prevent diabetes and even reverse it.

  1. The brain ensures our survivability by monitoring our nutrient intake. We can learn to listen better to the brain’s signals about hunger and satiation.
  2. We each have an “authentic weight” that we intuitively know as healthy for our bodies. Returning to that weight is more difficult as we age because exercise and diet programs seldom work for adults. The key is to reduce consumption.
  3. To change our eating habits, we must learn to eat mindfully, being more aware of chewing and tasting what we eat so that the brain can register the incoming nutrients.

“Eat, Chew, Live is not like other diet or weight loss books. There are no programs to follow, menus to cook, or products to buy,” notes Dr. Poothullil. “This book is about respecting how your body works.”

“Informed and informative, extensively documented and insightful, but above all ‘reader friendly’ in its impressively organized and presented ‘real world’ practicality, “”Eat, Chew, Live: 4 Revolutionary Ideas to Prevent Diabetes, Lose Weight and Enjoy Food” is very highly recommended, especially for the non-specialist general reader with concerns regarding diabetes”