Surviving Cancer - A Guide to Hope and Healing

Embark on a journey of empowerment as you learn to confront cancer head-on

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What People Say About the Book

Learn from the experiences and impressions shared by readers of the book

“This is an excellent book…very informative and useful. It is factually supported, eminently readable and lucidly written. Surviving Cancer provides insight and valuable advice for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. As an oncologist working in this field for decades, I highly recommend this book.”

– M.V. Pillai | ACPPresident & CEO, INCTR(USA)Clinical Professor of Oncology Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA & Senior Advisor — Global Virus Network (

“Surviving Cancer provides sound research and actionable steps that anyone can follow in order to live a longer and healthier life. Whether you’re interested in preventing cancer or stopping its spread once it has been diagnosed, John M. Poothullil’s book Surviving Cancer will be an invaluable resource.”

– Angela Woltman | Foreword Magazine

“The audience most likely to gain from the book include those who have been diagnosed with localized cancers that have not yet spread and those with a family history of cancer who have not yet been diagnosed. It also contains many points about diabetes and its link to cancer and treatment approaches; so, diabetics will find much food for thought, here.”

Donovan | Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

What you will learn in this book

How Cancer starts

Explore a groundbreaking exploration that delves into the core essence of cancer, how it occurs in the body, why it is so hard to “cure,” and what choices each of us individually has (and collectively as a society as well) to prevent cancer.

Diet and lifestyle changes to survive cancer

Learn how to change your diet and lifestyle habits to survive cancer. To keep it from metastasizing and spreading to other organs in your body. Most of all, it will explain how you can literally starve cancer cells forcing them to disappear or die.

How to avoid exposure to environmental toxins

Dive into a comprehensive guide that empowers you to understand, adapt, and minimize the impact of environmental factors.

The link between cancer and type 2 diabetes

This book is especially important for anyone with Type 2 diabetes, because you are twice as likely to develop certain types of cancer compared to individuals who do not have diabetes.

Meet the Author – Dr. John Poothullil

“Award-winning author, Dr. John Poothullil (patient advocate), practiced medicine as a pediatrician and allergist for more than 30 years. He holds certifications from the American Board of Pediatrics, The American Board of Allergy & Immunology, and the Canadian Board of Pediatrics.

Dr. Poothullil has written articles on hunger and satiation, weight loss, diabetes, and the senses of taste and smell. His articles have been published in medical journals such as Physiology and Behavior, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Journal of Women’s Health, Journal of Applied Research, Nutrition, and Nutritional Neuroscience. His work has been quoted in Woman’s Day, Fitness, Red Book, and Woman’s World.”