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January 9, 2019

This week’s post  is an excerpt taken from my book, Surviving Cancer. Watch this short video below where I discuss the link between diabetes and cancer. Learn more about Diabetes and Surviving Cancer by reading my books. Now available at Barnes & Noble! According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2015 there were 415 million people […]

June 19, 2018

New research by the University of Melbourne and Cancer Council Victoria, published in NeuroImage: Clinical in 2018 suggested that graphic warnings on junk food packaging would prove an effective deterrent to consumers when deciding what to eat by making people consider the health implications of their choices. But is this true? Before I answer the question, consider the […]

March 12, 2018

March is National Nutrition Month. To celebrate and spread awareness that our own nutritional choices and eating habits can prevent disease, I am offering the Surviving Cancer and Diabetes: The Real Cause & The Right Cure eBooks on Amazon for 99 cents from March 14-March 18, 2018. The following is a reposted blog loaded with nutritional advice, most importantly […]

February 7, 2018

I had the pleasure of joining the TV show, Portland Today, last week to share my new book Surviving Cancer. I invite you to view the replay of my segment here. During the discussion, I am asked many questions about why I suggest people avoid grains if they want to prevent cancer or keep a cancer from […]

January 24, 2018

This week I announce that the Surviving Cancer eBook is now available on Amazon. Surviving Cancer is the valuable and insightful book for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, has a family history of cancer, or has a loved one with cancer. Dr. Poothullil expertly guides readers on a journey to understand how cancer starts, how it survives […]