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October 19, 2022

There can be NO question that, no matter what else one might think of Donald Trump as President, he failed when it comes to the pandemic.

September 21, 2022

The goal of these questions is to help you gain a clearer understanding of the real medical science about your condition and its treatment.

September 7, 2022

Learn what you can do to prevent falling prey to DMMI.

August 31, 2022

Heart disease, cancer and COVID-19 remain top killers in the U.S. which are all lifestyle diseases.

June 10, 2020

Last month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters. Type 2 diabetes affects many people around the world. The current pandemic has made this population particularly susceptible. In this episode, we explore how people with type 2 diabetes are being affected by the coronavirus. Adam Torres is Co-Founder of […]