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February 16, 2024

Dr. John discusses what you should actually be worried about when it comes to fat in the body.

October 5, 2022

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the US, yet about 80% of heart disease is preventable with changes in lifestyle.

September 21, 2022

The goal of these questions is to help you gain a clearer understanding of the real medical science about your condition and its treatment.

September 7, 2022

Learn what you can do to prevent falling prey to DMMI.

April 21, 2021

Do not be fooled into consuming “healthy” carbohydrates. In this presentation, I invite you to do your own investigation into cholesterol and what is healthy for you.

August 7, 2019

For a long time, everybody believed red meat is bad compared to white meat. Now the first question is what is cholesterol used for in the body?

March 6, 2019

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? This week I want to discuss your blood work and what some of the results truly mean about your health.

January 23, 2019

“What will happen to my cholesterol levels if I choose to go on a high-fat diet?” There are many misconceptions when it comes to cholesterol and I suggest you continue reading.

May 23, 2018

This week’s post is the second part of a blog series presenting examples of widely-held beliefs about four topics— dietary fats, cholesterol, sugar, and exercise –that I suggest need to be revised and updated. This is important health information that Americans should be educated about to reduce the rising rates of obesity and diabetes in […]