Dr. John Interviews Mr. Sandeep Pathak

In the following audio segment, we discuss Dr. Hazel's experience using Dr. John's recommendations for Type 2 Diabetes over the years.

In the following audio segment, which first appeared on USABusinessRadio.com, I interviewed a man who followed the recommendations in my books to help lower his cholesterol.

Mr. Sandeep Pathak is a Corporate Trainer/Educator with a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease. About 15 years ago his blood cholesterol was high, oscillating between 180 and 300 mg/dl. Since he could not faithfully follow the prescribed exercise and dietary changes, he was prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications. These caused side effects such as headaches and acidity. After hearing my explanation that 75% of the cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver using nutrients absorbed after a meal, he reduced the food energy intake, primarily by eating slowly. He succeeded in keeping the cholesterol level under control without using medications.

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