Dr. John Poothullil:Challenging Your Assumptions on Type 2 Diabetes

Through more than 20 years of studying the medical literature on Type 2 diabetes as a doctor, improving the health of every person has been my biggest inspiration. I have new discoveries about diabetes that I want to share with you in this entertaining and easy to understand animated video. I also urge you to buy my book (http://bit.ly/DiabetesRealCause) so you too can discover the 8 steps to a healthy life free of diabetes. Be sure to share this video with anyone you know who has diabetes or is concerned about developing it. Amazon: http://bit.ly/DiabetesRealCause

约翰 Poothullil 博士: 挑战你对2型糖尿病的假设

通过20年来的医学文献研究2型糖尿病作为一名医生, 改善每个人的健康一直是我最大的灵感。我有关于糖尿病的新发现, 我想与你分享在这个有趣的和容易理解的动画视频。我还敦促你买我的书 (http://bit.ly/DiabetesRealCause), 这样你也可以发现8步骤, 以健康的生活没有糖尿病。一定要与你认识的人分享这段视频, 或者是关心糖尿病的人。