Challenging Your Assumptions on Type 2 Diabetes

Challenging Your Assumptions on Type 2 Diabetes

Challenging Your Assumptions on Type 2 DiabetesThere are many assumptions and myths about Type 2 Diabetes, even in the medical community. The one most people do not question is the causeWhy do they get diabetes? Can it be prevented or reversed?

It is time that we understand the cause — as this condition affects millions of people and that number grows daily, as do the costs of caring for patients.

If you are confused by or concerned about getting Type 2, watch my latest animated video! Type 2 diabetes is not a disease but a nutritional condition that can be cured. Questions and comments are gladly welcome at

Watch it all, then feel free to share this easy to understand video with a loved one, friend, neighbor, and even your endocrinologist. Visit:

And good news: the animation is also available in Spanish as diabetes impacts the Latino community.  Please share the translation of this life-saving video with anyone whose primary language is Spanish. Spanish Version: Visitar

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Dr. John on DiabetesDiabetes: The Real Cause & The Right Cure. 
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I am proud to share this informative yet easy to use book that will help you or a loved one reverse their Type 2 Diabetes in 8 weeks. My plan will also help you to remain diabetes free as you will take this on as a lifestyle.  Make better choices and take ownership of your health today!

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