Reconnecting With Your Authentic Weight

Reconnecting With Your Authentic Weight

Reconnecting With Your Authentic WeightThis week’s blog is an excerpt taken from my latest book, “Diabetes: The Real Cause & The Right Cure”.  Here I share the introduction to Step 2 of my 8 step program to reverse your diabetes. To learn more, purchase a copy on Amazon at

If you want to commit long-term to a new diet and eating habits, it begins with reconnecting with your “authentic” weight. I believe that every person has access to a wise method for determining if you are carrying too much fat in your body, which sets the stage for the switch from glucose to fatty acids as the fuel your muscles burn. This method is what I call “feeling your authentic weight.”

Perhaps you have never thought about your authentic weight, but once you begin reflecting on it, and being honest with yourself, you will develop a good sense of what it should be. Becoming mindful about your authentic weight connects you to your brain’s way of signaling that you are exceeding the weight that is right for you.

When you are in tune with your authentic weight, you immediately sense it when you gain a few extra pounds because you start to feel uncomfortable at first. Your stomach feels bloated, you may feel some muscle pains, or you may feel slower and tired more often.

When you exceed your authentic weight, you will usually find yourself thinking something like, “Gee, I’m getting heavy. Maybe I need to lose a few pounds.” Unfortunately, most people tend to rationalize weight gain once they exceed their authentic weight by a few pounds. They attribute it to stress, aging, busy days at work, family obligations, lack of time to exercise, the discovery of a new food they love to eat, or simply that other people around them are gaining weight, too. Such rationalization becomes increasingly convincing over time because your brain tends to believe ideas it repeats.

Your authentic body weight is a measure of the total mass of all components of your body including bone, muscle, organs, blood, fat, and water. The role of each of these components in contributing to one’s weight differs in every individual in the world.

You could be tall and small boned with lots of muscle, or short and big boned with regular muscle—and weigh the same. Only you can intuitively know your authentic weight based on what your brain assesses and tells you (if you are willing to listen).

Your authentic weight can also change as you exercise and age, because the contributions of each component of weight can change. If you begin working out, adding muscle, you might gain muscle weight but your brain knows you are still in your authentic range because it takes into account your extra muscle mass. If you are aging and losing muscle, but gain 10 pounds in body fat, your brain will sense that your authentic weight is now skewed towards fat, even though you may weigh the same. 

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