Dr. John Talks About The Flu Vaccine

This video is one more in a series about coronavirus and viral vitamins where I discuss my thoughts on this year's flu season.

Many people are returning to making doctors appointments and at this time of year you will often be asked if you like a flu shot. This video is one more in a series about coronavirus and viral vitamins where I discuss my thoughts on this year’s flu season. Watch this video or continue below to the transcript. Thank you.

During vaccination, proteins from an infectious agent are introduced into your body. Your immune system produces antibodies to protect you from future infections. It takes about two weeks for sufficient antibodies to be produced. If the antibodies produced can work against different proteins, you may have protection against a number of viral infections. On the other hand, if the virus mutates, the efficiency of the antibodies may be lessened.

Anyone six months or older should take the vaccine unless you are highly allergic to eggs or pregnant or you have immune problems. Everyone is afraid of the flu season coming on top of the current coronavirus pandemic but there is some good news. The flu season has already started in the southern hemisphere. Studies done in South Africa shows that the incidence of flu in that country is less than anticipated. They feel that the reason is people wearing face masks, keeping social distance, and practicing hand sanitation because of the coronavirus. In other words, these measures can reduce the spread of flu virus as well. So this is how we can control, not only the current coronavirus epidemic, but also prevent a bad flu season by practicing the same methodologies or same practices of social distancing, wearing face masks, and hand sanitation for the next three months.

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