Pharmacist Ben’s Bright Side Interview: When Your Child Has Cancer

I had another wonderful conversation with Pharmacist Ben, this time talking about my book "When Your Child Has Cancer."

I had another wonderful conversation with Pharmacist Ben, this time talking about my book When Your Child Has Cancer. Diet is key. Limiting grains, including wheat, oat, rice, and corn. They add to the added glucose that feeds cancer. A balanced diet is important. Talk honestly with your child. Ask them what’s on their mind. Their fear of the unknown. Seek support from professionals for the entire family. Involve the child in activities such as cooking. Parents can play a role by acting out what their child might expect. I have found that these tips can reduce stress.

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When Your Child Has Cancer: Insights and Information to Empower Parents

Share my fourth book, available on Amazon, the second on the topic of cancer. The eBook is only $2.99 for a limited time.

If you are the parent of a child with cancer, the questions and feelings you have can be overwhelming. In this insightful and thoughtful book, you will find information, hope, advice, and solace.

When Your Child Has Cancer expertly guides you to understand childhood cancer. I offer two new scientific theories to explain how the leading types of childhood cancers might occur, given that children have not lived long enough to develop the number of gene mutations that usually cause adult cancers.

You will learn how you as parents can care for your child with cancer.Most importantly, you will learn how your child’s diet can be a key corollary element in controlling cancer along with the medical treatments.

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