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I wish everyone a joyful holiday season. If cancer is on your mind during these months though, your spirits may not feel much like celebrating. In this video, I want to offer you some thoughts about how understanding cancer can help you through the season.The following is an excerpt from my latest book “Surviving Cancer” but it is relevant for anyone who wants to build better eating and drinking habits.

What to drink to support your health  
Eating consciously, slowly, and mindfully is the best way to get all nutrients needed at the right amounts for optimal functioning of the body. This is accomplished easier if you drink plain water during meals. Plain water cleans your taste buds after you swallow each bite of well-chewed food by removing nutrients already on the taste receptors. If you do not like to drink plain cold water, warm it up or even flavor it with tea, mint, ginger, lemon grass, or another natural herbal flavor.

The goal is to allow the nutrients in the food to register with your taste buds and smell receptors that connect with your brain’s regulatory system to monitor your food intake. Clean taste buds also allow nutrients released during the process of chewing to be recognized, which stimulates your memory of eating that food and increases your enjoyment of it.

Meanwhile, the warm air going up the back of your throat, after sipping warm water, will clean the smell receptors, allowing you to enjoy the fat-associated nutrients released during chewing.

Stay away from water sweetened with any non-energy-containing sweetener (i.e., artificial sweeteners not containing natural sugar) because the manufactured intensity of sweetness can make it difficult for your brain’s control centers to function properly to regulate your food in-take. Th e brain’s natural regulatory mechanism is based on the intensity of sweetness found in nature. When the brain recognizes a naturally sweet taste, it knows that the sensation means the intestine will absorb some energy-containing nutrients very soon.

But when you drink artificially sweetened drinks, which deliver no energy-containing nutrients to the intestines within the expected time, your brain may be forced to change the meaning of the sensation of sweet taste. If you drink artificially sweetened drinks over long periods of time, your brain may lose its ability to assess the meaning of sweetness even from naturally sweet items such as fruits.


Sometimes books make the best gift.

Why not give life-saving knowledge to a loved one this holiday season?

Eat Chew Live: : 4 Revolutionary Ideas to Prevent Diabetes, Lose Weight and Enjoy Food

If you are overweight or concerned about developing diabetes, Eat Chew Live provides exactly the new science & inspiration you need. Based on more than twenty years of research, Eat Chew Live offers a revolutionary new explanation of high blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes. While traditional medicine says it is due to “insulin resistance,” Dr. Poothullil disagrees. There are no special diets to follow or products to buy. Read the book. Learn how you can lose weight once and for all, eat for health, and prevent diabetes.Diabetes: The Real Cause & The Right Cure. 8 Steps to Reverse Your Diabetes in 8 Weeks

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, this informative yet easy to use book that will help you or a loved one reverse it in 8 weeks. My plan will also help you to remain diabetes free as you will take this on as a lifestyle.  Make better choices and take ownership of your health today.

Surviving Cancer: A New Perspective on Why Cancer Happens & Your Key Strategies for a Healthy Life

This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone who has already been diagnosed with cancer localized to a single site of origin and not yet colonized in another part of the body. It is also for anyone who believes they are at risk of cancer due to heredity, lifestyle, working conditions, stress levels, or for any other reason. And finally, this book is especially important for anyone with Type 2 diabetes, a population that is twice as likely to develop certain types of cancer compared to individuals who do not have diabetes.

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