Ask Dr. John: How To Control Type 2 Diabetes

Today I would like to answer some questions that I have received onlineabout type 2 diabetes.

Today I would like to answer some questions that I have received online. I’m happy to report that our viewership is steadily increasing but we need to spread the information to more people who have high blood sugar or type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes so that they can be helped. Endocrinologists claim that type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease but I believe strongly that it is a reversible condition for that to happen for you to reverse it you need to be in charge. 

Can I consume ginger if I have high blood pressure?

There is no contraindication in consuming ginger if you have high blood pressure, however, you need to understand that high blood pressure can come from various reasons. For example, intake of excess amount of salt or stress or weight gain. These have also to be addressed along with any other condition that you may have that is causing high blood pressure.

Can diabetics consume coffee or natural or industrialized juices?

Thank you for asking this question. There is no contraindication in taking coffee for a diabetic, however, when you drink juices you have to be careful of the sugar content. It will be better to eat the fruit rather than drink the juice because that way you can enjoy the fruit more and then stop consumption when the degree of enjoyment comes down.

What about Yogurt?

Yogurt can be consumed by a diabetic person if required but it is not necessary for health and well-being.

I thank you for your questions and I hope to periodically answer questions that come through our various contact points. If you like this information please pass it on to others who may be helped.

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