Concerns You May Be Experiencing During Social Distancing

Your mind may be filled with worry, wondering how long social distancing might last and how you can stay safe and healthy.

Your mind may be filled with worry, wondering how long social distancing might last and how you can stay safe and healthy. Today we are discussing these concerns that may come about. Watch my fourth talk on the coronavirus below and continue below to read the suggestions I mention in the video. Thank you.

Can I get the virus? 

Only if you are close to an infected person, so keep social distancing and sanitation. I suggest drinking hot water not to kill the virus but to slow down its multiplication. 

Can I spread it to my family?

Only if you have the infection, so watch for symptoms, for example, temperature of 100 degrees late afternoon or early evening, deep-seated cough or breathing difficulties. Have a test done that time. 

How do I keep my immune system strong? 

The best way is to get all the hundred plus nutrients your body needs from vegetables because they contain different nutrients. Buy some vegetables, you can keep some in the freezer after cutting it, but make it a point to have a family involvement of cooking the vegetable. family experience, cook one every day and enjoy. Add spices and herbs to increase the nutrient strength. Limit the temptation of doing easy baking with flour products, grain-flower products, because they provide a lot of calories without the same nutrient density 

How can I stay healthy?

If we cannot go outside to exercise. Rearrange the furniture in your living space and go for walks almost like line dancing, involve your family members. Plan on walking for about an hour in three 20-minute segments. During this time keep your mind occupied thinking of something that happy, an event that happened in the past, a story in a book, a story in a movie or an event that you’re anticipating in the near future.

Finally for your emotional health, keep one hour aside each day to call your family, call your friends, call your acquaintances. Learn a new game and play with your family members or learn a new language.

How long is this going to last?

The infection happens through droplets from an infected person those droplets are neither than five micron in size they will fall down to the ground within a matter of minutes so keeping social distancing is the best way to prevent the spread. The infected person may take three to four weeks to develop antibodies so that source of infection will also be gone. Plan on keeping the social isolation for about four weeks unless you are in a big dense densely populated area were social distances is not possible so it may go through two or three cycles and you have to be prepared for at least eight weeks of social isolation.

We are all in this together and we will get over this so keep calm. Keep vigilant. 

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