The Mother Love Show: Coping With Type 2 & Covid-19

The CDC has warned that people with Type 2 diabetes are more at risk for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). I explain on the Mother Love Show why I think this is.

I was interviewed on the Mother Love Show in early April of 2020. The CDC has warned that people with certain underlying health conditions are more at risk for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). One of the conditions cited is Type 2 diabetes. Why is this? What is it about diabetes that contributes to a greater susceptibility to coronavirus?

Consider that, during recent flu seasons, about 30 percent of adult flu hospitalizations reported to the Center for Disease Control were people who had diabetes.The coronavirus is not the same as the flu but, according to the CDC, people with Type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk for developing complications from COVID-19.  The main reasons the CDC may cite this are blood sugar fluctuations and already existing diabetic complications. There is the possibility of more severe secondary bacterial infections compared to those without diabetes.

I elaborate on these concerns along with answering many questions you may have regarding building your immune system. We then explore the truths, the half-truths the no-truths about treating the coronavirus itself.

For more information please see my past post regarding the coronavirus and type 2 diabetes.

Please continue to stay safe, practice social distancing, sipping on hot water and washing your hands. Thank you.

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