4 Ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs

I believe this action plan is the quickest way to start reducing healthcare costs in the United States.

In 2017, it was estimated that the United States spent 3.5 trillion dollars for healthcare. I believe that we can significantly reduce this by controlling the cost of care for type 2 diabetes. By 2030, it is estimated that 55 million Americans will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, with the projected costs, both societal and medical, adding 622 billion dollars annually.

In this video suggest a four-part action plan to significantly reduce the cost of diabetes. Continue below to the transcript.

But first let us review the objectives of care for type 2 diabetes:

  1. To reduce the incidents of complications
  2. To improve the quality of life
  3. To increase life span

With this in mind, I suggest the following 4-part action plan:

  1. Stop payment for any procedure that does not contribute to the above mention objectives. here I am referring to the daily monitoring of blood glucose at home.
  2. Most often insulin is started when all medications fail to do their job of controlling blood sugar. If so, reduce or eliminate the failed oral medications when you are starting insulin.
  3. There is no evidence to suggest that insulin treatment is superior to lifestyle changes, introducing incidents of diabetic complications. So move away from insulin centered treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  4. Finally, the best way to control the cost of a medical condition is to prevent it. In order to prevent type 2 diabetes, we need to know the costs. 80 years ago, insulin resistance was proposed and it is still being promoted as the cause of type 2 diabetes, but this has never been scientifically validated. I believe that the true cause of type 2 diabetes is the excess intake of food energy in the form of grain and grain-flour products. So by reducing the amount of energy you consume from grain and grain-flour products, to less than 30% or 35% or you daily energy intake, we can effectively prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes.

I believe this action plan is the quickest way to start reducing healthcare costs in the United States.
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