Diet & The Immune System

There is no known preventive vaccine for Covid-19, so we have to rely on our own immune system to take care of it.

Today’s topic is diet and the immune system. As you know the coronavirus epidemic is sweeping, there is no known preventive vaccine, there is no known medication, so we have to rely on our own immune system to take care of it, just like we have to do with any infection. Watch this video to learn more or continue below to the transcript.

Our immune system, if it is under active allows infection and cancer to spread. if it is overactive, it produces auto-immune disease. Even when it is normally active, it can be overwhelmed by faster multiplication of germs and cancer cells. Our immune system starts its training when your are in your mother’s womb because you have a number of precancerous cells forming fast multiplication of stem cells in the baby’s body. And the immune system eliminates most of the mutated cells, in other words the first training it gets is to eliminate precancerous cells.

The immune system then identifies all the normal cells so that when a bacteria enters the body, the immune system can immediately identify that. Either from the bacteria or from the products of the bacteria, or the organs from a normal cell spilling out and the immune system identifying this. If it is injury related the immune system activates a scavenger and repair crew. If it is infection related it activates the antibody production so the bacteria or the infected can be eliminated completely.

The immune system cannot be made stronger by taking any one nutrient or food. On the other hand, the fact that people, humans, have lived on all parts of the globe, at various geographical conditions, means that we can get needed nutrients from naturally available foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, tubers, spices, mushrooms, seafood, and animals, all you need is a variety. 

If you have an infection, such as the coronavirus, what you have to do is to protect the whole body because the immune system needs exactly the same nutrients as the rest of the body. Now I mentioned that there is no specific nutrient that can boost the immune system, but there are two nutrients that you should be concerned about. One is iron, taken in excess it can boost the production or multiplication of bacteria. Second is glucose. In our present day diet coming mostly from grains and processed food, because glucose in the body can promote both bacterial growth as well as cancer growth.

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