Black People and Coronavirus

Black people are not experiencing higher infections or death rates because of race but because of economic conditions.

According to the CDC, 33% of people admitted with coronavirus infections are black while only 13% of the United States population are African Americans. For White’s the numbers are 45 and 76 respectively. According to Johns Hopkins University, 34% of deaths due to coronavirus infections were among blacks. Black’s are not getting infected at a higher rate because of race or genetic predisposition but because crowded living conditions and more exposure due to working conditions. 

Black’s are not dying at a higher rate because of race or genetic predisposition, but because of underlying health conditions such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes. 

Black’s are not experiencing these conditions because of race but because of economic conditions. Watch this video to learn more or continue below to the transcript.

For example, the average median income of a black household in the United States was $41,000 in 2010 while that of a white household was $63,000. So Black’s who work harder to make ends meet are left with less time to prepare nutritious foods. They rely on cheap prepackaged foods, most of which are made from grains and grain flour products providing more calories but being less nutritious.  

You may ask why you should care. Let me give you some reasons:

If Black’s hold on to the virus because they are not detected or treated, they can give it back. The virus can spread back into the community. 

More importantly, already 70% of American adults are overweight or obese and by 2030, 54 million people will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The societal cost of caring for obesity and type 2 diabetes will be one and a half billion dollars per day by the year 2030, and we will all be paying for it through increased insurance premiums whether you are affected by it or not.

So what can we do to control coronavirus? First, you have to practice social distancing and personal protection measures as already discussed by many people. To prevent the looming health care crisis, I suggest two actions: 

One is our farm policy should be geared more towards the production of vegetables, fruits and nuts compared to grains. Secondly, the economic disadvantage of black people and other minorities should be corrected so that they can afford nutritious food and have less of a reliance on grain flour products.

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