Men & Coronavirus

Based on a Chinese study of 44,000 infected patients coronavirus, the mortality rate for men was higher. There are three possible explanations.

The calling, based on 1.5 million tests in the United States for coronavirus, men are more likely to be infected but less likely to be tested for it compared to women.

Based on a Chinese study of 44,000 infected patients coronavirus causes .8 percent mortality in men whereas it is .7 in women. There are three possible explanations that I reveal in this video. Watch to learn more or continue to the transcript below.

1. Based on genes. The X chromosome is thought to be more immunologically active compared to the Y chromosome. And women have two copies of the X chromosome. The robust or active immune response to HIV virus and Hepatitis C virus by women is thought to be an expression this immune response.

2. Behavior based on hormone differences. Females behave more deliberately and cautiously after analysis compared to men who react more impulsively and take chances and deal with the consequences later. Experts suggest this could be based on the difference between the actions of female and male hormones. Men are more likely to be impulsive, take chances, such as smoking, excessive drinking, and certain activities outside resulting in lifestyle decisions and accidents compared to that in women.

3. The information overload that makes men uncomfortable and fall back on their own common sense rather than rely on experts. For example, it was found that during the Ebola crisis, men waited longer and suffered more sever infections and death compared to women.

So with this crisis men need to be more vigilant and take care of themselves. It is better prevent an infection, or even a lifestyle condition, than use medications to treat it. So please, practice social distancing. Wear your mask. Practice hand sanitation and prevent the infection other than treat it with medications.

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