Coronavirus and Young Adults

The average age of a person infected with coronavirus is coming down. Why is this and what can we do?

The average age of a person infected with coronavirus is coming down. I can give you at least three reasons: One is initial reporting all pointed to the elderly being hospitalized and dying at a higher rate compared to others. This created the illusion that young people are somehow immune. Two, young people need socialization to establish their own identities. Without this contact, half of them could show symptoms of anxiety. Third, without a national strategy, young people congregate in localities and images of those makes those who are isolated restless and wanting to take chances.

Watch this video where I discuss solutions to this issue or scroll below for the transcript.

So what is the solution? We need to educate young people that…

  1. Even if they don’t have symptoms, they can transmit it to others.
  2. Even if they don’t have symptoms now, later on, there can be delayed symptoms, related to their brain, their heart, their lungs.
  3. If you have coexisting medical condition, definitely you are at a higher risk than other young people who may not have those conditions.

So how can we solve this issue?

In order for this to be an automatic response, we have to start teaching young people from an early childhood. I suggest a pandemic drill, similar to an active shooter drill, or an earthquake drill, where each child is instructed on wearing a face mask, keeping social distancing and proper hand washing techniques by an adult, explaining the reason for each one of these actions. This should be repeated periodically at least once a year, so that it becomes an acceptable practice for children as they get older. this is what we need to do because we have a teaching opportunity right now.

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