Coronavirus and Cancer

We can prevent the infection as well as control for cancer by using what I call the APEX strategy.

It has been reported that those who have cancer can suffer a greater degree of complications if they get a coronavirus infection. This is more so for people who have cancer related to blood cells such as leukemia and lymphoma or those who are undergoing chemotherapy because in both these instances the number of immune cells needed to fight cancer as well as the virus will be reduced.

So regardless of your status related to cancer, for example, where you’re waiting for surgery to classify and find out your cancer, whether you are already undergoing treatment, whether you are a cancer survivor or whether you are, like me, waiting a few more months to be classified as a cancer survivor, we are all in this together. Watch this video to learn more or continue to the transcript below.

We are all in the same boat and we can prevent the infection as well as control for cancer by using what I call the APEX strategy.

  • A is for Avoiding communal contact. A is for Adopting face mask is for Arresting the spread of the virus. 
  • P is Protecting ourselves. P is Promoting hand-washing. P is promoting use of cotton gloves.
  • E is for Enjoying a variety of vegetables with the maximum amount of nutrients. E is for Enjoying spices and herbs to add more nutrients. E is for Empowering the immune system. 
  • X for cutting out the amount of grains and grain flour products you consume.

Why? Because when grains are digested they are absorbed into the body as glucose and it is glucose that provides fuel for both cancer cell multiplication as well as increased fabrication of virus in the body. By cutting out grains we are limiting the growth of cancer cells. Even when you are a cancer survivor there could be a cancer cell hiding in your body or if you’re an adult the cancer cells can form in your body almost every 10 years. By reducing the amount of glucose available we can limit the growth of cancer cells so that our own immune system can take care of a problem, both related to cancer as well as the virus.  

When Your Child Has Cancer: Insights and Information to Empower Parents

I hope you help me share that my fourth book is now available on Amazon, the second on the topic of cancer. If you are the parent of a child with cancer, the questions and feelings you have can be overwhelming. In this insightful and thoughtful book, you will find information, hope, advice, and solace.

When Your Child Has Cancer expertly guides you to understand childhood cancer. I offer two new scientific theories to explain how the leading types of childhood cancers might occur, given that children have not lived long enough to develop the number of gene mutations that usually cause adult cancers. You will learn how you as parents can care for your child with cancer.

Most importantly, you will learn how your child’s diet can be a key corollary element in controlling cancer along with the medical treatments.

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