Dr. John Answers Five Question About Diabetes

Dr. John Answers Five Question About DiabetesAt a recent talk about the use of insulin to treat Type 2 diabetes, I answered several questions from the audience about a range of issues related to control of blood sugar and reversing diabetes.  In the coming weeks, I will be excerpting some of these questions and my replies in individual videos that run 1 to 2 minutes long each.   Here are five Q&A videos that I hope you find useful.





Dr. John Answers Five Question About DiabetesQuestion #1: How much carbohydrate should I eat compared to protein and fat?

In this video, I answer the question that in general, when you eat, how much carbohydrate should you eat relative to other foods that provide protein and fat?





Dr. John Answers Five Question About DiabetesQuestion #2: What does your body need when you are hungry?

If you tend to overeat, watch this video in which I talk about what our body is telling us when it sends us the hunger signal.






Dr. John Answers Five Question About DiabetesQuestion #3: What time should I eat breakfast? 

If you are diabetic, you know that eating after you wake up is important, but what time should you have breakfast? I demystify the idea that breakfast is your most important meal.






Dr. John Answers Five Question About DiabetesQuestion#4:  What kind of grains are best? 

I have spent 20 years studying the medical literature on diabetes and have concluded that consuming grains of any type are what leads to high blood sugar.  But you might wonder, is one grain better than the other?  Listen to my answer.





Dr. John Answers Five Question About DiabetesQuestion #5:  What about drinking a glass of wine or alcohol if you are diabetic? 

Do you know if it is ok to drink alcohol or wine if you have diabetes?  I explain why sipping an alcoholic drink while eating mindfully is ok.






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