Dr. John Interviews Sister Angelicah Njuguna

In the following audio segment, we discuss her experience applying the recommendations in my book to lower her a1c levels.

In the following audio segment, which first appeared on USADailyPost.com, Sister Angelicah Njuguna and I discuss her experience applying the recommendations in my book to lower her a1c levels.

Sister Angelicah is the Development Director of St. Pius X School and Church in Portland, Oregon. She hails from Kenya, is a graduate of Gonzaga University, and is a member of the religious congregation of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega (SMK), a missionary community serving in Eastern Africa and the USA. Sr. Angelicah experiences issues with high blood sugar.

We serendipitously met in the supermarket parking lot where I shared with her my book, Diabetes: The Real Cure and The Right Cure. She followed the 8 steps I recommended in the book and transformed her life in 8 weeks. I am grateful that Sr. Angelicah agreed to share her experience with us on the Price of Business network. I hope her story will inspire you to take charge of your health.

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