Secret to Surviving: Anticipate The Happy Events of Life

This week I want to share personal feelings I present in my book, Surviving Cancer, about one of the true secrets to survival. Most important thing that I learned: we must plan for good times.

This week I want to share the personal experience I had with cancer, having been diagnosed with it myself. This prompted me to research and study the biology of  cancer and realize what I believe are new insights into surviving it. 

I am also presenting my animated video that explains what I have learned about the cause of cancer and what you can do if you have been diagnosed with a single tumor.  Watch the video either before or after you read this post.


I was diagnosed with cancer myself several years ago.*

I experienced the same emotions I explain in my book, for anyone diagnosed with cancer. I asked questions and, when I could not get answers that satisfied me, I started to develop explanations, ending in the creation of my book.

In addition, I decided that since I did not ask to be born, my primary objective in life should be to be happy without inconveniencing or hurting others striving to accomplish the same. The past is in my memory and the future in my imagination. I am lucky that I have accomplished close to what I had imagined for myself because getting “close enough” is the practical way of life, in general. My life has been filled with a wide range of experiences, and for that, I am grateful.

Starting today, look at the rest of your life as an adventure journey towards a general destination that, like any other journey, will be modified based on the expectations you carry forth and the experiences you have. Treat people around you as if meeting them for the first time.

Plan a project that you have always wanted to accomplish but never got time to do, or a new one you want to try. Feel good about your ability to do it. If the result is what you anticipated, feel satisfied. Do not, I repeat, do not wait for validation from another person or group to feel satisfaction about your accomplishment, for two reasons. First, instead of satisfaction, you may feel unhappiness if you don’t get what you were expecting. Secondly, you may feel discouraged to start another project for fear of failure.

Every day concentrate on one pleasing thing or event you’re going to enjoy that day or in the near future. It could be the shopping you are planning or visiting a friend or a relative. It could be the details of a trip you are about to take or the fruits you expect from your labor in your garden. The moment you start thinking about what will occur, you’ll feel good. Even if you repeat this process many times, you’ll still feel happy about the anticipated event.

You have learned to enhance the enjoyment of a pleasing experience. With practice, you can anticipate and enjoy more than one event at the same time. When the first real life event is about to be over, you can start shifting your attention to the next event, thus feeling less saddened about the end of one pleasing event because you’re already thinking about the next one.

You could store these events in your memory as a diary of future events. The first few pages can be filled with descriptions of happy events that are anticipated within the next few days; the middle pages can hold images of events in the near future; and on the final pages, you can sketch events expected to come later. The descriptions are removed as the events pass through reality or when they are found to be unattainable, and new ones are added and anticipated. In this way, you can stay busy and happy by looking forward to different categories of future events such as a book to read, a friend to visit, a project to be done, or a story to write.


* For those who are curious, my cancer was of the lymphatic system. I tolerated chemotherapy with minimal discomfort.
I am in remission, under surveillance, practicing what is presented in my book as best as I can and enjoying life.

This animation explains what I have discovered about the cause of cancer since my own diagnosis.

Surviving Cancer: 
A New Perspective on Why Cancer Happens
& Your Key Strategies for a Healthy Life 

This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone who has already been diagnosed with cancer localized to a single site of origin and not yet colonized in another part of the body. It is also for anyone who believes they are at risk of cancer due to heredity, lifestyle, working conditions, stress levels, or for any other reason.

And finally, this book is especially important for anyone with Type 2 diabetes, a population that is twice as likely to develop certain types of cancer compared to individuals who do not have diabetes. GET YOUR COPY TODAY AT AMAZON

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