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The following post and video are part of my series entitled, How the Myth of Insulin Resistance is Sustained. I invite you, the public, to share this with your endocrinologist at your next appointment if you have diabetes.
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The following post and video are part of my series entitled,  How the Myth of Insulin Resistance is Sustained.  I invite you, the public, to share this information with your endocrinologist at your next appointment if you have diabetes.

Perhaps you are not aware of how the specialists in endocrinology became involved in the diagnosis and management of Type 2 diabetes.  

About 90 years ago endocrinologists found themselves treating childhood conditions associated with high blood sugar, after it became evident that injections of insulin improved the quality of life and prolonged the lifespan of children with Type 1 diabetes whose pancreas did not produce insulin.

Around 80 years ago it was found that some adults also had high blood sugar. The problem was, however, most of these adults had normal – or in some cases above normal — levels of insulin in their blood at the time of diagnosis. This made no sense. How could you have high blood sugar, yet your body was producing insulin?  

A different explanation was needed.  Thus was born the insulin resistance theory. The observation that the rate of blood sugar going down after an injection of insulin was slower in some patients compared with others with elevated blood sugar level was enough for the experts to create the myth that some cells must be “resistant” to insulin. The experts did not wait for validation first before accepting this theory.

Next, endocrinologists embarked on a campaign to constantly “educate” patients and everyone else providing care for patients on this myth. The continuing campaign is full of written, audio and visual media along with many other marketing tools.

Why Is The Insulin Resistance Conspiracy So Prevalent?

What is worse, endocrinologists needed help to sustain the bogus interpretation of medical evidence as to the cause of Type 2 diabetes. How did they convince others to believe in the myth? First, they never admitted that it was only a hypothesis.

They insisted that it was an objective reality by the laws of biology, despite the fact that no proof has ever been found as to the mechanism of this resistance. Nor has anyone been able to measure the degree of insulin resistance that different adults might have in any one of the three suspected sites in the body.  

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies have jumped on the bandwagon to develop many drugs for Type 2 diabetes, yet with no proof that insulin resistance is actually occurring in the body or that these drugs could reverse it.  

I appeal to endocrinologists to remember the time honored doctor’s adage, “Above all, do no harm”.  I ask that all endocrinologists think about this myth of insulin resistance and investigate how it makes little biological sense.  

You should declare immediately that Type 2 diabetes is not a hormonal disease, but a lifestyle condition based on excessive consumption of grains, the most significant source of glucose in the present day diet of most Americans.  We need to allow specialists in nutrition to establish new standards of care for people with Type 2 diabetes regarding diet and exercise, rather than basing the treatment on the action of a hormone the patient is presumably resistant to.  

Thank you for reading this. I invite you to contact me for more information. I am not selling any products, supplements or programs.  My goal in this message is to help America lower the frightening rising incidence of Type 2 diabetes and reduce the huge personal and financial costs it has on all of us.

Share this video with your doctor at your next appointment! Ask him for scientific proof of the insulin resistance theory.

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