The More You Chew, The Better You Control What You Consume

The More You Chew, The Better You Control What You Consume

The More You Chew, The Better You Control What You ConsumeHow much food you should consume isn’t an exact science. Portion size is different for everybody — and it varies by age, weight, activity level and other factors.

In my two-part series blog post, To Puree or To Chew, I discussed how chewing releases the nutrients in food, allowing your brain to assess what you are eating. Chewing also connects you with your satiation signals and is your body’s method of assessing how much food to eat and when to stop eating. I talked about why pureeing food is not a good choice for your eating habits.

This notion of pureeing or blending foods when you have the ability to chew them makes no sense to me, and is in my view, a very unhealthy habit to start. Chewing your food is actually nature’s way of helping your brain register the nutrients that each food item gives you, as well as supporting your body’s natural mechanisms of controlling the intensity of hunger and generating the feeling of satisfaction.

The following video emphasizes the importance of chewing your food especially when it comes to consumption control.  The more you chew your food rather than swallow it quickly, pureed or not, the more in touch you will be with knowing when to stop consuming.

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Buy on Amazon.comFor the next week, pay conscious to how you eat. Chew your food, savor the flavors, eat slowly, and allow your brain to react to the signals that come from your taste and smell receptors. As you practice “conscious eating” at every meal, you will find yourself automatically eating better and enjoying it more. You will appreciate food for its nutrients. You will taste more of the flavors, spices, textures, and unique qualities in each recipe. You will be paying attention to what your brain tells you about your hunger and satisfaction. Give it a try and see how you can lose weight.

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