Why Is Childhood Cancer Incidence Increasing in the US?

According to the National Cancer Institute, childhood cancer has been increasing. What is the reason? Nobody knows.

According to National Cancer Institute the incidence of childhood cancer has been increasing in the United States to the tune of 0.6% per year from 1975 until 2010 and continues. What is the reason? Nobody knows. Watch this video to learn what I suggest is the reason or follow below to the transcript.

Radiation is a known strong and consistent promoter of cancer growth, however it takes about five years for radiation-induced cancer to appear. Considering this if you apply the same analysis to childhood cancer, with the average age of a child with cancer being six, we can reasonably conclude that the process starts in the fetus in the womb of the mother.

In fact, studies in acute lymphoblastic leukemia shows pre-cancerous and cancerous cells in the fetus. However out of 100 such cells only one appears to succeed in producing cancer in the child. This similar pattern of low transition is also seen in other pediatric cancers. This suggests two things: pediatric cancer is an integral part of life and living, and our immune system can eradicate or neutralize almost all cancer cells that appear in the fetus.

So why is the cancer incidence increasing in the United States? Is it because a low or weak immune system in children who develop cancer? There’s no evidence for that otherwise they would have had more infections, for example. But I suggest another possibility, that of cancer cells multiplying faster outpacing the capability of the immune system to neutralize them.

Let me explain. Cancer cells preferentially use glucose for energy as well as materials for constricting cells. In the modern day diet centered on grains and grain flour products, after each meal the blood sugar level goes up substantially. Even if the child’s fasting blood sugar is normal, the postprandial elevation of blood sugar can feed the cancer cells. They multiply faster.

This can explain the increasing incidence of cancer all around the world. If you want to reverse the increasing incidence of cancer in children, I suggest that we reduce the amount of energy coming from grains and grain flour products to less than 30% of the total daily energy intake.

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