Diabetes May Now Be Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

Diabetes May Now Be Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

Diabetes May Now Be Third Leading Cause of Death in the USI read today that four times as many deaths may be caused by diabetes than previously thought, according to a recent study by Boston University School of Public Health. This sadly does not surprise me.

The authors argued that diabetes causes 12 percent of deaths in the U.S. However, death certificates indicate that only 3.3 percent of deaths in the U.S. are caused by diabetes. If the study’s findings prove to be accurate, diabetes would become the third-leading cause of death in the United States, up from the seventh.

The fact that cases of diabetes are increasing in many countries around the world, not just in the United States, is proof of my over-consumption of grains theory. If you think about it, it is illogical that millions of people around the globe are suddenly developing insulin resistance, as if it were an infectious disease. It is far more logical to think that something in their diet is creating the conditions for diabetes. And that element is grain. Indeed, this is what we see happening.

Grains do not cause insulin resistance, but rather over-consuming them triggers another body metabolism to go haywire, leading to high blood sugar. Let me explain.

Grains produce a large amount of glucose that the body must utilize or store. Glucose is primarily used as fuel for energy production by muscles. If the blood is full of glucose (high blood sugar), the most likely reason for this would   either be that a) muscles not working as much as before or b) the muscles are using an alternate fuel for their energy production. There is no evidence to suggest that all people developing type 2 diabetes are couch potatoes. On the other hand, we know that muscles are programmed to use fatty acids as an alternate fuel to produce energy, similar to the engine in a hybrid car being able to use either gas or electricity. So if people are not couch potatoes, it would seem that the other conclusion makes more sense – that muscles are burning fatty acids rather than glucose.

Why would this happen?  The answer is, the over-consumption of grains leads to filling your body with an excess of glucose. The body converts excess glucose into fatty acids for storage in your fat cells. That is why you gain weight. But when you keep consuming grains, at some point your fat cells become full, and there is nowhere for all those fatty acids to go. They begin flowing freely in your bloodstream, causing your muscle cells to begin burning them rather than glucose. This is the cause of high blood sugar.

This explanation of how people develop diabetes from over-consuming grains explains why the incidence of diabetes has been rising at pandemic levels. The typical American diet contains over 50% of energy coming form grains and grain-flour products. This produces a volume of glucose that is in excess of what can most people can burn as fuel between meals, leading to the fatty acid switch explained above.

It is not surprising that diabetes is on the rise in countries that are relying increasingly on mass-produced and heavily marketed grains and grain-based breads, sweets, and packaged foods. These are products that often utilize cheaply produced flour, have had sugar added to them, and that contain high amounts of salt, which tends to reinforce feelings of hunger for carbohydrates.

By believing in insulin resistance, you are likely to end up taking medications that will supposedly improve your insulin sensitivity.  But if you are willing to consider my theory, you can reverse your diabetes simply by avoiding as much as possible the consumption of grains – including wheat, oats, barley, rice, and corn. Cut out from your diet muffins, doughnuts, breads, croissants, pasta, pizza, rice dishes, and other grain-flour products.

Act now, reduce your grain intake, and reverse your diabetes or prevent it from occurring to you. For more information, read my book Eat Chew Live which will explain to you in further detail why insulin resistance is an incorrect scientific theory and why avoiding grains is the key to reversing high blood sugar and diabetes.

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