The Fight For Our Health – Presented by Bodega Body Interview on Diabetes

I spoke about insulin resistance with Bodega Body with Rich Cebada.

According to The Fight For Our Health – Presented by Bodega Body with Rich Cebada podcast, In The United States and across the world, health is often only guaranteed by the luck of birth. Every day it becomes more evident that the issues that stand in the way of achieving health and happiness for people of disadvantaged. Rich goes on to say:

It is not logical that millions of modern adults and children around the world are suddenly becoming insulin resistant. How does taking insulin treat Type 2 diabetes if you are supposedly “resistant” to insulin? I hope that “Diabetes: The Real Cause and The Right Cure” will influence governments who are subsidizing grain-based agriculture literally create a world of diabetics. Cheap grain-based products are hurting low-income families around the globe. To change our eating habits, we must learn to eat mindfully, learn to respect our bodies, reconnect with our “authentic weight,” and learn to enjoy food as nutrition for our bodies.

Listen To The Interview Here

  • Eliminate grains from your diet
  • Reconnect with your authentic weight
  • Maintain your authentic weight: paying attention to the hunger sensation
  • Maintain your authentic weight: listening to the signals of satiation
  • Overcome your tendencies to overeat
  • Take control of your eating habits
  • Understand the foods you eat
  • Eat and enjoy with no diabetes

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