‘Twas The Sugar Crash After Christmas

‘Twas The Sugar Crash After Christmas

The Sugar Crash After Christmas — An Adaptation 

Twas’ the night before Christmas when all through the house
Everyone was celebrating, even the mouse. ?

The table was set with grandiose care,
With pies, cakes and lots of sweet fare. ?

After eating, the children nestled snug in their beds
Dreaming of puddings, candies, and buttery corn breads. ?

Christmas morning they all unwrapped pretty gifts decorated with snowflakes
Then rushed to the table for chocolate pancakes. ?

Lunch was of turkey, ham and potatoes mashed
Their blood sugar mounting until it crested and crashed. ?

But up again it went with the afternoon snack
And, after supper, their peeking blood sugar was back. ?

Suddenly at the door, there was a loud knock
Parents saw someone peeking through the lock.  ?‍♂️

Who could it be? The parents wondered
They heard a man wanting to say a word. ?

Ho, ho, ho, I am not Santa but a helper
With an important message to deliver. ?

“To be healthy and keep blood sugar lower,
Stop eating carbs that makes blood sugar higher. ?

It’s especially important to avoid grains, like wheat
But also rice, corn, oats, and grain-flour treats. ?

They are the source of glucose you don’t desire
That leads to diabetes when your blood sugar runs higher. ?

Creating nasty complications you are forced to endure
So, for good health and a long life you wish to ensure… ?‍?‍?‍?

When you’re partying this holiday season
Follow the advice above within reason. ?

Diabetes has a Real Cause and a Cure that is Right.
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.” ?

'Twas The Sugar Crash After Christmas

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