Understanding Lifestyle Diseases With Frank About Health

Frank About Health discussion on information chaos that exists currently within the healthcare system.

Here is the follow-up from my appearance on Frank About Health and a further expansion of my discussion on information chaos that exists currently within the healthcare system.

I return to Frank About Health to give further insight into how he qualifies for Lifestyle Diseases such as Diabetes Type 2, Cancer, and COVID 19. I discuss my book Your Health Is At Risk and provide an interpretation of how these diseases can be prevented, reversed, and potentially eliminated altogether.

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Phyllis recaps that the last two years have been especially trying and stressful on healthcare staff but that recent morale polls show professionals using this time to find post-COVID growth rather than trauma. In this fashion, the focus for the past couple weeks has been on self-empowerment, taking ownership of our individual health, making lifestyle changes that will keep chronic conditions like diabetes, and even cancer in manageable margins. Dr. John reminds that even pre-COVID, 11-18year olds showed an increase in pre-diabetic conditions by over 17% (via National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey), entirely preventable. A lifestyle reset from the parents down.


Dr. John points out in his book, Your Health Is At Risk, that oftentimes the miscommunication between doctor and patient is that disconnect in knowledge– the doctor cannot know what the patient does not know and the patient may not have the critical thinking skills to ask pertinent questions about their lifestyle options. Listed near the rear of the book is a list of prompts/sample questions to ask your healthcare provider that may give you better insight on how best to manage your chronic disease. He reminds us that even if your genes make you susceptible to a condition, it is a lifestyle choice that activates that programing in your body. Keep a log of incoming information during your visits, to research and ask related questions in preparation. Don’t be afraid to challenge the beliefs of your doctor or ask for a second opinion to get away from conditioned responses from the provider.


Understand “authentic weight;” any weight gain after your mid-twenties, after maximum height and bone density has been reached, must be fats in the sense that the raw material to produce fat in the modern diet is an excess of stored glucose after a carb-heavy meal. If you want to reverse Type2 Diabetes, Dr. John projects, stay away from the 4 grains: rice, wheat, Phyllis concurs that our diet is based on what we produce as a country, primarily grains, and how that introduction as a staple into our diets, in unrestricted measurements, may have those consequences such as exposure to allergens, an increase in diabetic precondition, etc. but there are healthy proportions in which carbs can be consumed without adverse effect.


The COVID-19 pandemic that was socially crippling has given us the gift of awareness and agency to make impactful efforts to keep us healthy. From now on, wearing a mask and sanitizing will be actions linked with the responsibility to take care of individual health, and that translates to the sense of control we have over our chronic healthcare needs. Dr. John wants to make clear that people have to control food intake and lifestyle conditions that nurture or eradicate the code that activates our genetic predispositions.

For the last 7 years I have been spreading the message that the insulin resistance theory is illogical. If you are a type 2 diabetic, by changing your food choices, you can take control of your blood sugar without using medications such as insulin. Take charge of your own health!

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In 2020, there were over 122 million people in the U.S. diagnosed with elevated blood glucose, 34 million with the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, and 88 million diagnosed with prediabetes, yet their hope for healthy living is thwarted by medical dogma, disinformation, misinformation, and missing information.

Disinformation, Misinformation, and Missing Information, which is abbreviated “DMMI”, fuels growing health illiteracy and unhealthy lifestyle choices. This drives not only increases in Type 2 diabetes but also cancer, cardiovascular diseases, COVID-19, and other illnesses considered lifestyle diseases.

As described in my 5th book, Your Health Is at Risk, a literate person in today’s world is aware that the traditional media and social media are swarming with intentional disinformation about many topics, from politics to finances, to health advice and diet plans. Literacy, critical thinking, and a tolerance for reading scientific material are absolutely necessary to detect such disinformation.

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