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People are reversing their type 2 with just 8 steps!

My book Diabetes—The Real Cause and The Right Cure: 8 Steps to Reverse Type 2 reveals 8 Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 8 Weeks has been reaching more and more people since its release in 2017. I am so honored that people have expressed their thoughts on the book on Amazon but I am even more grateful that people are reversing their type 2 with the book.

I will be taking a hiatus from posting the blog for a bit but I want to leave you with one of the “sucess stories” posted in the book’s Amazon reviews and and a final video to get you started on your path to health! Thank you Martha and everyone else who has left a review. Your stories will help inspire more people to take control of their health.

This book changed my life… and may actually have helped to save it.

Early in May 2018, at age 71, weight 149 lbs, after being warned for years (and ignoring the warnings) that I was pre-diabetic, I was officially diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I didn’t know much about the disease, so I began researching. The first books I read were by the ADA and other mainstream medical sources, including the For Dummies book. All were informative in how to test and manage T2D and also on the reasons to be very, very, very afraid of the consequences of not controlling it.

But the main advice in all those books seemed to be just “go on Metformin” as a first step for hopping onto the never-ending drug conveyor belt. No doubt, Big Pharma would be happy if I did that, but I didn’t want to go that route if I didn’t have to. I felt sure there had to be some kind of better approach out there.

I discovered Dr John Poothullil’s book after a couple of weeks of reading the others. His explanations and recommendations made more sense to me than anything else I’d read, so when I finished it I told my husband and friends that I was going to follow his advice (along with similar recommendations from a few other “renegade doctors” I’d read). And I have.

My May 2018 A1C test showed me at 6.8% (average blood sugar 148), which put me squarely in the “controlled diabetes” range.

By September 2018, after three months of exercising more and eliminating from my diet breads, cereals, potatoes, corn, pasta, desserts, and anything with processed sugar, I had dropped 18 lbs (to 131 lbs) and fallen to A1C 5.9% (average blood sugar 123), which dropped me into the lower half of the “pre-diabetes” range.

Now, in March 2019, after keeping up my more-exercise, low-carb regimen for six more months, while occasionally allowing myself a few treats, I’ve lost 25 lbs (down to 124 lbs). My A1C has fallen to 5.6% (average blood sugar 114), which happily drops me into the “no diabetes” range. Since I see measurable results, I’m highly motivated to stick with my new lifestyle habits. And while I don’t need to lose more weight, I expect to continue dropping on the A1C scale.

During these ten months, I’ve almost lost my craving for carbs and have found ways to avoid them even when eating out. In Mexican restaurants, for example, I order tacos and then dump the ingredients on my plate, load up with salsa and pico de gallo, and discard the fried corn shells. In Italian restaurants, I order salad, meatballs and sauce but no pasta or bread. I skip the egg rolls, breaded-and-fried stuff, and rice In Chinese restaurants. None of that has been hard, because I still enjoy the ethnic flavors I love. And yes, as Dr. Poothulli suggests, I chew my food slowly and savor it.

So, in conclusion…

Dr. Poothullil, if you happen to read this, please know that there’s a 72-year-old woman out here in Amazon Land who is very grateful to you. Thank you for changing my life and maybe even helping me save it!

Martha Marks, Amazon Reviewer

In this week’s video presentation I review the first 4 steps that you can start taking today to reverse Type 2. It can be done!

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