A Christmas Message From Dr. John

The Sugar Crash After Christmas — An Adaptation Repost

Twas’ the night before Xmas when all through the house
Everyone was celebrating, even the mouse. 

The table was set with grandiose care,
With pies, cakes and lots of sweet fare.  

After eating, the children nestled snug in their beds
Dreaming of puddings, candies, and buttery corn breads.  

Christmas morning they all unwrapped pretty gifts decorated with snowflakes
Then rushed to the table for chocolate pancakes.  

Lunch was of turkey, ham and potatoes mashed
Their blood sugar mounting until it crested and crashed.  

But up again it went with the afternoon snack
And, after supper their peeking blood sugar was back. 

Suddenly at the door, there was a loud knock
Parents saw someone peeking through the lock.   

Who could it be? The parents wondered
They heard a man wanting to say a word.  

Ho, ho, ho, I am not Santa but a helper
With an important message to deliver.  

“To be healthy and keep blood sugar lower,
Stop eating carbs that makes blood sugar higher.  

It’s especially important to avoid grains, like wheat
But also rice, corn, oats, and grain-flour treats.  

They are the source of glucose you don’t desire
That leads to diabetes when your blood sugar runs higher.

Creating nasty complications you are forced to endure
So, for good health and a long life you wish to ensure…  

When you’re partying this holiday season
Follow the advice above within reason 

Diabetes has a Real Cause and a Cure that is Right.
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.


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