Covid-19 and Diabetes

This week I am sharing the first video in a series of presentations about my theories. Today's topic is Covid-19 and diabetes.

This is the first in a series of video presentations I will be sharing. Today’s video discusses how Covid-19 affects patients with diabetes.

Viruses that get down into your lungs damage cells in the lining and these cells can now harbor bacteria in the presence of increased glucose. In the environment, these bacteria multiply and could produce complications such as pneumonia. 

The body tries to remove the bacteria by sending cells to the site however people with long-standing type 2 diabetes may have blocked or partially blocked arteries because of fat deposition. So what can be done?

These are my suggestions if you have diabetes during a pandemic:

  • You have to practice social isolation. 
  • Every type 2 diabetic person, when going outside, should wear a pair of thin cotton gloves and when you come back home wash the gloves and hands thoroughly. 
  • In order to reduce your blood glucose and insulin level in the body: 
  • reduce the intake of all grains and grain flour products to less than a third of your total daily energy intake 
  • drink something hot every few hours so that the normal temperature in your mouth will be increased 
  • slow down the viral multiplication so your immune system can take care of it boost your immune system 
  • eat a variety of foods such as fruits vegetables nuts seeds seafood and meat if you like eggs spices and herbs.

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