Dr. John Talks About The Immune System

We must recognize that many of our ailments hail from poor diet, let's take a good look at our immune systems.
Recently I had the pleasure of discussing the immune system with Benjamin Diaz of Your Lot & Parcel. Listen to learn about how the intestine is the training ground for the immune system and how important it is to keep a healthy gut and bacteria level. Learn how viruses and vaccines work. How immune cells (a type of white blood cells) and antibodies work together to keep you immune. So far 7 coronaviruses have been identified. If you have been infected by a variant, your immune system has a better chance to fight a Covid-19 infection. This may be why we are seeing lower death rate in third world countries. What can we do to improve the immune system? You have an army, Killer T-cells. You must improve the strength and the functionality by training them to attack the particular virus without harming the other cells in the body. How you can support your immune system? I suggest through diet and nutrition. I explain why having a variety in what you eat fortifies your immune system.
Your Lot and Parcel Podcast.

When we were children, we were fascinated by the wonderment of many things around us which prompted us to ask relentless questions such as why, why, and why. Now that we are adults, many of us tend to be reticent about asking what we want to know. Therefore, our podcast (Your Lot and Parcel) is designed to encourage questions if not already answered regarding anything and everything.

Dr. John on Diabetes

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