Exercise and Cancer

Study suggests exercise reduces your chance of developing seven different types of cancer. Let me give you an explanation based on my studies.

The Journal of Clinical Oncology published an article in December of 2019 stating that if you exercise, you are likely to reduce your chance of developing seven different types of cancer. Out of 15 types of cancer they looked at, in 750,000 people, they found a statistically lower incidence of seven cancers but they could not explain why. Let me give you an explanation based on my studies. Watch the video and look below the video to read the trancsript.

You see cancer cells appear in our body periodically, starting even before you are born. Your immune system will kill it unless the cancer cells multiply faster than what the immune system can take care of. In order for cancer cells to multiply they need two things: one, a fuel for energy, two, raw materials for construction of new cells. Interestingly cancer cells use glucose for both. Glucose that is absorbed into the body after a meal. 

So what is the connection between that and exercise? When you exercise your muscles can use glucose to produce energy. The more you exercise, less glucose is available for cancer cells to multiply. That could be the reason why exercise reduces the incidence of cancer. 

Keep in mind it is not a single type of cancer. In seven different types that means it has to be a common factor. That is where I come with the idea that it could be glucose. It is difficult to sustain the level of exercise needed to keep the blood sugar down or blood glucose down in the long term because as we get older we cannot maintain the same level of exercise. 

On the other hand you can lower the blood glucose level by eating less food that will be digested and absorbed into the body as glucose. Here i am referring to primarily grains and grain-based foods: rice, wheat, and corn because they contribute more glucose into your system, into your blood, than any other food. 

A better way to control growth of cancer cells so that your own immune system can kill them is to reduce the intake of grain and grain flour products. Don’t get me wrong, you do need exercise but that is for other benefits of exercise not for cancer reduction by itself.

When Your Child Has Cancer: Insights and Information to Empower Parents

I hope you help me share that my fourth book is now available on Amazon, the second on the topic of cancer. If you are the parent of a child with cancer, the questions and feelings you have can be overwhelming. In this insightful and thoughtful book, you will find information, hope, advice, and solace.

When Your Child Has Cancer expertly guides you to understand childhood cancer. I offer two new scientific theories to explain how the leading types of childhood cancers might occur, given that children have not lived long enough to develop the number of gene mutations that usually cause adult cancers. You will learn how you as parents can care for your child with cancer.

Most importantly, you will learn how your child’s diet can be a key corollary element in controlling cancer along with the medical treatments.

Surviving Cancer

Surviving Cancer: A New Perspective on Why Cancer Happens & Your Key Strategies for a Healthy Life 

This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone who has already been diagnosed with cancer localized to a single site of origin and not yet colonized in another part of the body. It is also for anyone who believes they are at risk of cancer due to heredity, lifestyle, working conditions, stress levels, or for any other reason.

And finally, this book is especially important for anyone with Type 2 diabetes, a population that is twice as likely to develop certain types of cancer compared to individuals who do not have diabetes.

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