Does Tap Water Cause Cancer?

Tap water can cause cancer just as much as the air we breathe and the food we eat, plus ther is radiation from the sun and the earth. So how do we prevent cancer?

Hello. The topic is cancer prevention. I am Dr. John. I have been studying cancer for the last eight years.

An article appeared September 2019, in the Journal Heliyon, that our tap water has carcinogenics. It stated, “For different states within the U.S., cumulative cancer risk for drinking water contaminants (is) similar to the range of cumulative cancer risks reported for air pollutants.” This means we breathe carcinogenics in the air, but also suggests we take it in our food, and we are exposed to radiation from the sky and down from under the Earth. Theoretically, everyone of us should develop cancer, right?

In fact, everyone develops cancer cells in the body, but these cells do not become cancer. Let me explain: (watch the video or continue to the transcript below)

Cancer means uncontrolled division of a cell. Genes control every activity the cell including the initiation and termination of cell division. We have two copies of each gene, one from the father, one from the mother. If the carcinogens damages both copies of the growth inhibiting gene, we have a cancer cell, but the body has mechanisms to prevent it from multiplying:

  • A gene-predicting mechanism.
  • A gene in charge of self-destruction.
  • An army of white blood cells to kill cancer cells.

So, why are we even having cancer? Because we are feeding it.

Ordinary cells develop energy from fatty acid or glucose, but cancer cells use glucose to produce their energy. That means if you eat any food that absorbs into the body as glucose you are feeding cancer cells.

This is where I direct your attention to grains, especially rice and wheat. The more you eat the more glucose you provide cancer cells the faster they multiply outpacing the immune system. So, if you want to prevent cancer, first of all avoid exposure to carcinogens. Take immunizations where it is applicable but most of all reduce intake of grains to less than 35% of your total daily energy intake.

This slows down the multiplication of cancer cells and gives the immune system a fighting chance to prevent cancer from establishing in your body.

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