How Safe Is It To Consume Artificially Sweetened Drinks?

One can understand soft drinks with sugar making you fat, getting type 2 diabetes, and promoting cancer. But how can the same thing happen from artificially sweetened drinks?

In September 2019, JAMA Internal Medicine published an article showing that drinking just 2 glasses of soft drinks, whether sweetened artificially or with sugar, can lead to increase deaths.

One can understand soft drinks with sugar, adding more glucose into the body, along with glucose absorbed from regular foods containing grains or grain flour products, making you fat, getting type 2 diabetes, and promoting cancer. But how can the same thing happen from artificially sweetened, non-nutritive sweeteners in the drinks? 

Please watch this video where I explain why or follow along below for the transcript.

Let me explain. One, a person consuming such soft drinks, will feel good about eating more because they are being good. So they eat more of sugary snacks such as desserts.

But the second one is even more important, that is it affects how it affects the food intake regulation mechanism. Let me explain. When you are thirsty, you don’t predetermine the quantity of water that is required to quench your thirst. Once the thirst is quenched, you can see it happen even before the water is absorbed into the body from your stomach. This can happen only if sensors in the mouth meter the amount of water and the brain calculated based on your previous rate of drinking how much water was taken in. 

Similarly, when sweet tasting taste buds are stimulated the brain calculating the amount of glucose that will be absorbed based on previous experience. However, when you use non-nutritive sweetener, no glucose is absorbed, the brain cannot help you to regulate the amount of the food that you eat. Hence, animal studies show that when you use non-nutritive sweeteners, the animals failed to control intake of energy from sweet tasting foods and become overweight.

Imagine a child, brought up in such a fashion, with no ability to control the amount of food that can be taken in from a sweet tasting food. You are submitting that child to life-long obesity, type 2 diabetes, and potentially cancer. whether that non-nutritive sweetener was made in a manufacturing plant or manufactured by a natural plant.

If you like this information, please share it with anyone who is currently using artificial sugar or non-nutritive sweeteners. Thank you.

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