Why Bran Is Better Than Grain

Learn more about the role bran plays in your diet and why you should choose bran over whole grains if you are concerned with high blood sugar.

Today I want to talk about bran. Medical News Today, on April 29, 2019, published a list of foods diabetics should avoid based on research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Watch this video or continue below to the transcript to learn more about the role bran plays in your diet and why you should choose bran over whole grains if you are concerned with high blood sugar.

In the research mentioned, there were two components , the first was the food diary, from which the investigators calculated the amount of whole grain consumed by the participant. There was No actual direct measurement of the amount of intake nor was there any measurement of the energy intake.

The second part was the measurement of or the calculation of the insulin resistance. If you inject insulin and blood sugar goes down. If blood sugar does not go down as expected, then they call this a state of “insulin resistance”. This is only a concept, that means there is no direct measurement. 

The investigators measured fasting insulin and fasting blood glucose plug that into an equation and out came a number. These two calculations were repeated 6 years later and they found those who consumed more whole grain had a lesser chance of not developing diabetes. But they couldn’t find a mechanism, so they settled on bran from whole grain is the responsible agent.

For many years I have been telling people not to eat whole grain because when it is digested in the intestine, glucose is absorbed and causes the elevation of blood glucose. This in turn stimulated the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin is responsible for the vast majority of complications associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

However, I do not want to deprive anybody from the benefits of bran, so my recommendation is this: Avoid whole grain but consume bran. For me, I prefer to eat lentils, nuts, fruits, and mushrooms because I can get more of the same types of nutrients as bran from these and they are much more enjoyable as I find bran kind of bland.

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