Why I Wrote “Your Health Is At Risk”

Hello! Thank you for being here. I have missed sending out my weekly blog but I have been very busy working on my 5th book, Your Health Is At Risk, is now available on Amazon! Before I tell you about what drove me to publish my 5th book, I wanted to extend my appreciation also for your support of my books over the years. In 2020, there were over 122 million people in the U.S. diagnosed with elevated blood glucose, 34 million with the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, and 88 million diagnosed with prediabetes, yet their hope for healthy living is thwarted by medical dogma, disinformation, misinformation, and missing information. Disinformation, Misinformation, and Missing Information, which is abbreviated “DMMI”, fuels growing health illiteracy and unhealthy lifestyle choices. This drives not only increases in Type 2 diabetes but also cancer, cardiovascular diseases, COVID-19, and other illnesses considered lifestyle diseases. As described in my 5th book, Your Health Is at Risk, a literate person in today’s world is aware that the traditional media and social media are swarming with intentional disinformation about many topics, from politics to finances, to health advice and diet plans. Literacy, critical thinking, and a tolerance for reading scientific material are absolutely necessary to detect such disinformation. It’s time for patients to educate themselves so they can start asking their doctors hard questions, and for doctors to question medical dogma so they can start giving good answers.

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