How Obesity Is On The Rise While Type 2 Diabetes Is Declining

According to CBS report: No explanation for why diabetes cases are declining while obesity is rising. I believe I can explain why...

In May of 2019, CBS News reported on a new obesity study. According to the article, the lead author of the study, Dr. Stephen Benoit, could not provide an explanation for why diabetes cases are declining while obesity is rising. I believe I can explain why and I created a 2-minute video revealing why.

I have been studying weight gain and diabetes for over 20 years. What I see is many present-day adults have more fat storage capacity than prior generations. Thus certain obese people have the ability to store the glucose their body cannot use in their fat cells. While Type 2 diabetics have less fat storage ability, and the excess glucose they consume does not get used or turned into fat. It remains in their bloodstream and then they develop high blood sugar.

In this video, I compare our individual ability to store fat to a refrigerator. The larger your refrigerator, the more capacity it has for food, correct? Here let me explain further…

If you are obese, fear you may develop Type 2, have Type 2 or have other weight-related complications:

  • If you would like to remain free from obesity and diabetes, cut your grain consumption to 30% of your daily food intake.
  • If you have Type 2, question your doctor as to why he or she believes in the insulin resistance theory. Show him or her this video for doctors.

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