Why Obesity May Be Poised As Leading Preventable Cause of Cancer

I want to talk about the link between obesity and cancer as reported by Vanessa Benham in Lansing State Journal in May 2019.
obesity and cancer

Today I want to talk about the link between obesity and cancer as reported by Vanessa Benham in Lansing State Journal in May 2019.

Christine Sullivan of the American Cancer Society suggested there is a link between obesity and thirteen different types of cancer.  However, she could not explain a mechanism. She suggested the location of fat in the abdominal cavity is somehow responsible.

I disagree for two reasons:

  1. The fat deposited in the abdominal cavity is not any different from fat deposited elsewhere in the body.
  2. The group of people who can keep more fat in the belly compared to any other group in this study DOES NOT have any more cancer compared to other people in the world.

So what is the connection between obesity and cancer? Watch This video and decide for yourself.

Here is the recap:

 I can explain the connection between obesity and cancer in one word : INSULIN

Obesity means accumulation of fat.

  • Fat is stored food energy. 
  • 50% of the food energy in the developed countries 
  • 70% of the food energy in developing countries come from grains rice wheat and corn.

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

Upon digestion grains, the glucose in the grains is absorbed into the body, telling the pancreas to release insulin. The insulin instructs the liver to convert glucose into fat. That is how you gain weight. Most people don’t know that insulin also promotes the growth of cancer. This is the link between obesity and cancer.

I have an animated video that explains this in simple detail. if you are taking insulin, or if you are taking a medication that causes the release of insulin in your body, ask your doctor: what about that link between insulin and cancer? Tell your friends and family to do the same. Ask this question.

This post is part of my next series of videos which will site news articles where my insights might differ from mainstream research or can be used as a supplement. Visit this post to learn more about the link between Cancer and Obesity.

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