Looking to Tribal Wisdom For A Healthy Heart

Today I want to talk about the explanation regarding the lowest incidence of heart attack experienced by a tribal group in the Amazon forest area of Bolivia.

Today I want to expand on the explanation by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN medical correspondent, who reported on April 21, 2019, that he had found what might be the lowest incidence of heart attacks in the world. He had gone to study a tribal group in the Amazon forest area of Bolivia and his televised report, Life lessons from the native tribe with the healthiest hearts in the worldoffered a fascinating look at the tribe in trying to understand their healthy hearts.  

If you are interested in reducing your risks of heart attack, watch my video to learn what Dr. Gupta discovered.  You might want to apply some of the same habits as this tribal group to your life, such as sleeping 9 hours every night and lots of exercise. However, as Dr. Gupta points out and I elaborate on, there may be some things you simply cannot do to imitate the lifestyle of this tribe in order to be among those in the world with the healthiest hearts.

It’s all worth knowing about though. Watch this video: 

Main points from the video:

  • About 60 years ago we had the Green Revolution and the government began subsidizing agriculture & farming of grains. Food made with grain and grain flour products became the cheapest available soon thereafter. We started having the obesity epidemic. Why? Because when the grains are digested and absorbed into the body it is glucose. This glucose stimulates your pancreas to release insulin. The insulin instructs the liver to convert that glucose into fat. In some people, this insulin can damage the lining of the coronary artery, now the fat can stick and cause a heart attack 
  • The second finding in the Bolivian group was almost everybody has a parasitic infection. The question is did the immune system acting on stimulation of the parasite protect in any way? The point I would like to make is the immune system reaction to a parasite is similar to what happens in a person with allergies and asthma. There is no evidence to suggest people with allergies and asthma have a lower incidence of heart attacks. 

In summary, if you want to prevent a heart attack, I recommend that you reduce the intake of

energy from grain and grain flour products to less than 30% of average daily energy intake because that will reduce the amount of glucose in your blood which in turn reduces the amount of insulin because insulin is contributing to most of the problems experienced by people with obesity type 2 diabetes.   

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