Why Ultra-Processed Diets Cause Excess Calorie Intake and Weight Gain

How many food items are there in nature that adult humans can eat without chewing? Practically none. Why is this important?

According to a study reported in the journal Cell Metabolism on May 29, 2019, when people eat ultra-processed foods, they reportedly eat more of it than when they eat less processed versions of it.  This is serious proof that highly processed foods do not make for a good diet.  

What is interesting is that the researchers in the National Institute of Health could not explain why the volunteers consumed more food when they ate ultra or highly processed foods compared to less processed versions of the same food. However, I have the answer they are looking for– and my answer will help you decide to avoid processed foods.  

Watch this video to learn why you need to stay away from processed foods.

What you just learned:

Most of the ultra-processed foods around the world that you can buy come from grain, rice, corn or wheat. How much can you chew rice? How much can you chew bread? pasta? noodles? cakes? cupcakes?

You end up eating more because they are so soft you don’t need to chew. If you want to prevent weight gain or reduce your weight reduce the intake of grain-based food energy to less than a third of your total to get your nutrients. Go for foods that require chewing like vegetables and nuts.

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