Thanksgiving, Native Americans and Diabetes

.Happy Thanksgiving. Few recognize the harm that continues today for Native Americans as the incidence of diabetes is double that of white Americans.

Happy Thanksgiving. For many people across the US, today is all about coming together as a family (although remotely this year, due to the pandemic) and eating lots of delicious food. If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic, I urge you to indulge on turkey and vegetables and take only small portions of filler carbohydrates such as potatoes and bread.

Others may reflect on the real history behind the holiday and the treatment of Native Americans. But few recognize the harm that continues today for Native Americans as the incidence of diabetes is double that of white Americans. Why? Watch this video or continue to the transcript below.

30 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes and 80 million are diagnosed pre-diabetics. Diabetes threatens the lives of those wo are affected and threatens the even lives those who are not effected by having to pay higher insurance premiums. The surest way to protect your life and your wallet is through prevention. In order to prevent diabetes you need to know the exact cause.

According to experts, they still believe in the cocept of insulin resistance as the cause even though that has never been scientifically validated. I propoose that the increasing incidence of diabetes around the world is due to the increased consumption to grains and grain-based food products.

The clearest evidence comes from the experience of Native Americans. When they were relocated to reservations, about 100 years ago, the incidence of Diabetes among them was rare, now the incidence of diabetes in Native Americans is double that of white Americans. Why?

In their ancestral way of life, the Native Americans never consumed grains cultivated on the land because they never stayed in one place. Where as moving to reservations, over 50% of their daily energy intake came form carbohydrates based on grains. The exact mechanism how this can happen is described in this animation video.

If you want to prevent type 2 diabetes or reverse it, what you have to do is cut down the intake of all grain based foods to 50% of what you are eating as I explain in my book, Diabetes: The Real Cause The Right Cure. Download the ebook this month for $1.99.


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