A Valentine’s Day Poem About Sugar

This post is an ode to Valentine's Day chocolates and reversing diabetes.

To my valentine two boxes of sweets I presented.
She was thrilled and elated, as they were unexpected.

One box featured cookies with a shiny label saying:
“Enjoy these! No sugar was used in the making.”

“Yes,” she beamed, “these sweets I can eat all day,”
They don’t have sugar, hip, hip hurray!”

But my other box, she viewed with anxiety and fear.
It was natural sugar chocolates that cost me dear

“Sugar makes me gain weight,” she insisted.
Maybe chocolate was something she constantly resisted?

I realized it was time to let her in on some secrets,
Chocolate and natural sugars are not actually the culprits.

In the present diet, the real cause of gaining a lot of weight
Is the food group called ‘complex carbohydrate’.

Pasta, pizza, rice, rolls, noodles and tacos this does include.
They are all forms of grains and grain-flour food.

Dishes made from wheat, rice, corn, and more grain.
These are the ones causing that nasty weight gain.

Carbs may drive up your blood sugar after digestion,
And lead to diabetes if uncontrolled, without a question.

Indeed, throughout the world we see an increase in diabetics.
Countries rich and poor show evidence in their statistics.

“It’s insulin resistance!” the endocrinologists claim.
But with little proof, they seek to lay this blame.

And to treat it, doctors prescribe drug after drug.
As if diabetes is some sort of common bug.

It’s a theory without proof and I protest this view.
A figment of imagination we must see through.

Let me tell you how to avoid diabetes and weight gain:
Avoid grain-carbohydrates and lose pounds with no pain.

The more you minimize your ingestion of grain-based goods.
The faster you lower your weight and get out of the woods.

So on this Valentine’s Day, enjoy chocolates with real sugar and have fun,
But skip the cookies, cakes, and grain-flour desserts even from your loved one.

You’ll feel and look better and soon be diabetes-free,
That’s the best way to love someone, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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