What Is The Optimum Diet?

You can have an optimum diet without putting even a single kernel of whole grain in your mouth.

Recently the New York Times reported that Americans gained 2 lbs per month during the lockdown.

This week we honor World Health Day. The best thing we can do collectively is to explore our diets. Did you know that a poor diet is responsible for more deaths than any other cause in the world? With humans needing over 100 different nutrients, it is impossible to get any optimum food or diet to get all the nutrients that you need, but nature has put in a mechanism for each one of us to obtain needed nutrients. Watch this short presentation to learn more.

When you eat food that contains the nutrients needed, your brain will create the sensation of enjoyment. The optimum diet is also compound by the right food for the human body. Grains and processed foods do not fit into this category.

You can have an optimum diet without putting even a single kernel of whole grain in your mouth. 

What is best for your body is eating vegetables, roots, fruit, nuts, seeds, seafood and animal products. You can also consume herbs, spices, and mushrooms for additional nutrients. This way, little by little, you’ll find the optimal diet your body needs.

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